The Unmanaged Money Problem

When the Pot Is Boiling Over!

The Unmanaged Money Problem

When the pot is boiling over, people run for a bigger more liberal or a smaller more conservative lid to cover it, made and used from their heroes. The obvious answer is to take the pot off the heat.

The pot of the nation’s debt is obviously boiling over. There are some lids that seem to fit better than others, but they don’t stop the problem. Records show that the national debt has grown at nearly the same rate for all the presidents since the 1960s, though some seemed to solve the recession problem for a few moments of presidential time. The real problem is human greed, and the claim that more fulfilling of our desires, or the American dream, is for everyone to own our own home, and car, and computer, and on and on and on. Most of the economists had something right and some presidents were wiser than others. But the heat has grown hotter!

But the wisest and most influential man in all history, by whom we date all things, B. C., before Christ, and A. D., the year of our Lord, told us where the heat was and how to remove it. His answer is the only way to stop the heat of selfish desire that motivates hoarding of riches or taking from others by debt to companies and government from other people by taxes.

He warned that you cannot serve God and mammon/Baal (nature’s provider). You will love the one and hate the other. He said mammon worship is like blind eyes that puts the whole body into darkness. This can lead to “falling off the cliff.” The answer to the problem is faith in our Creator and Heavenly Father. For those who are unbelieving in God, but trust in man, this is totally irrational. For the Sadducees, who have political power, they want a bigger pot and cover, and today their only answer is to penalizing the rich who work hard and wise. They want to get more to satisfy the poor who demand and take. To the conservative Pharisee, the answer is to make the pot smaller and conserve what is boiling over. Faith in God is to trust the one who made the seen and the unseen, and to not only gain more, but put treasure in heaven where there is no corrupting of the interest, but a multiplication for the only one who really owns it all. That means trusting the intelligent mind that is much larger than man. God said, “My thoughts are not your thoughts. As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my thoughts higher than your thoughts” (Isaiah 55:7).

Check it out –– the 1960’s were the time of replacing God, our God-given constitutional rights, and believing man could understand nature and how to solve all problems. This was the time of “the death of God theologies,” the time when the Supreme Court said evolution of man and culture called for expanding the meaning of the constitution, the exclusion of prayer, and the renunciation of the leaders of the liberal churches by all authority for democracy. In 1962 Jack Kennedy gave approval for Keynesian economics that said “limited” debt was OK; when educational and governmental men in power to provide equal rights for all, which meant government help by law and gifts to equalize.

Check it out–– It had taken about 175 years to 1960 for the U. S. government to put the first 100 billion in the budget, 9 years the second hundred, 4 the third, 2 the forth, 1 the sixth. The rise continued to accelerate for all the presidents and today the debt is $16.5+ trillion and increasing faster. Even considering population growth and GDP, growth of the budget speaks powerfully to what has happened. There is no lid big enough, or no conservative small one to restrain the overflow of human desires.

The problem is not only with the government, but with the churches. Even conservative churches and organizations look to raising money and asking advice from the rich to furnish their needs. Even the Christian search for answers is by new ideas of human wisdom. There is little or no real movement for humble repentance and faith in God. There are political and church appeals, and appeals, and appeals that grow louder and more frequent. Mammon is our God. The liberal politicians are against faith in God in their platform. The conservatives mention him repeatedly, as is done with Lincoln and the flag and soldiers, but where is God in their actual plans? To take the pot off the heat requires repentance and real trust in him who is invisible who created all things. That would be putting God above men’s wisdom, would be accepting the revelation and guidance of the Spirit of the wisest of all, the Son of Man.

The Supreme Court judge Earl Warren, who led the use of the court into legislating, admitted that all the thirteen original colonies were founded with faith in Christ in their charters. In 1835 Alexis de Tocqueville observed that democracy worked in the United States because of a common faith in God. He had seen democracy collapse into the tragic Napoleon dictatorship in France when the French said equality was a right from nature–– not God. If money is our savior, and everyone has a natural right to fill his desires, who can find a lid big enough to curb the tragic overflow?

Faith is not a leap in the dark; it is taking the hand and being led by the one who created every one of us with a purpose to glorify him. That requires disciples, rich, or poor, who die to self with Christ, and are willing to lose their life and find it again in him and his eternal kingdom. That is New Testament Christianity that is a response to the self-giving love of God.


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