Who are Brave Good Men?

The organization is called “andragathia”, which in the Greek means brave, good men. This word was descriptive of those Greek men who were stable, committed, and valiant for their country. It has been chosen to describe and define the quality of men we wish to find, select, gain commitment from, motivate and develop, and assemble as Christian men in any church who will work together for Christ and His kingdom in these trying times.

“Men” in our definition are those who want to be like the only ideal man, the Son of Man, Jesus Christ. Their aim is to achieve His likeness. “Good” describes the commitment to the character and conduct of Christ that can be obtained only by the grace of the Holy Spirit, a desire to please God and obedience to Scripture. And “brave” describes their courage that can come only through faith and trust in God alone.

The United States of America and the world in general have been in a whirlwind of change since the mid-twentieth century. The emergence of greed, the pursuit of hedonistic pleasure, and the breakdown of the family have led to an alarming decline in moral standards. This is affecting human relationships, especially in the family; causing instability in business, and expansion in control of government. Terrorism has introduced instability and uncertainties in life. Education and the mass media have become increasingly intolerant toward God and those who represent Him. Therefore, Brave Good Men who will stand as an example for Christ are increasingly needed.

To be brave, good men requires a continuing desire to want to please Christ in the heart before His living presence daily. To do this a man must not only pursue greater knowledge of the Scriptures but also seek to be obedient and practice all he learns. To have this kind of obedience requires a willingness to maintain integrity and loving commitment to God and others in the face of suffering. He will keep his agreements especially in marriage to his wife and family, in the church and in business. It also involves a prayerful effort to avoid temptations toward pride, greed and lust in order to demonstrate righteousness and holiness. All needs of the brave good men are to be attained through prayer to Christ. A brave, good man should be committed to the church of Christ and to having a group of men to whom he can be accountable in all the ways mentioned. He should believe in abiding monogamous marriage and sexual purity.

To join the movement of Brave Good Men, you must have the following qualifications:

  • Have repented from your sins, trusted in Christ and know that you are born of the Spirit into God’s family as His child.
  • Desire above all else to please Jesus Christ in your daily living.
  • Be willing to daily seek to know Christ and His love and grow in knowledge and practice of obedience even in the face of suffering for Him.
  • Seek the Spirit of God to give you power to trust God, to be humble and follow His wisdom in Scripture, to rely on Him for all your material needs, to help you have a pure mind and practice and if married, to be one with your spouse.
  • To work with your church in cooperation with a movement of Brave Good Men to honor God in renewing the vitality of Christianity in the world.
  • To receive help and be accountable to a qualified approved mentor.
  • To have your main hope in the eternal rewards of the new body, the new heaven and the new earth.

Why the movement for Brave Good Men?

The Church in Crisis

The churches in the United States are at a point of crisis. The Enlightenment movement that began in Europe (ca. 1800), that exalted man and his knowledge over God, gained dominance in the United States over education and the mass media in the 1960s and the 1970s. The intellectual elect are now destroying the moral and ethical standards of the United States. Since the Federation of Colonies in the 17th century these qualities of character for conduct have been furnished through the church by the Holy Spirit working through the Word of God.

The worship of man that has resulted and the secular humanism that controls the European nations and Canada is now in contest with Christ in the church for the control of the whole United States. The intellectual elite hopes soon to do in the red states what it has done in the blue states. The movement of Brave Good Men for Christ is seeking to lead the churches to confront this worship of man by a movement of radical passion to know from Scriptures the love of Christ that passes knowledge and to produce an obedience of faith and love that will spread and produce growth in His likeness in every disciple in all the churches. It aims at establishing the priesthood of all believers and the ministry involvement by each person in a body under the headship of Christ. Our main focus is on spiritual renewal, and only political and socially as a consequence.

This is to be achieved by training volunteer laymen from your church in biblical New Testament methodology of ministry and biblical theology based on the person and teaching of Christ developed from a harmony of the Gospels and the interpretation from the rest of the New Testament. Trends indicate the efforts of evangelism and the teaching of Christian people are being subverted by pseudo-scientific attacks on faith in God and by outmoded traditional methodology of many churches.

Serving Local Churches By:

  • Being a Consultant to help churches function with greater efficiency and strength for their people in an evil world.
  • Training leadership to serve as lay pastors and teachers for small groups to improve relationships, and to give accountability, and personal instruction, teaching and participation in the kingdom.
  • Offering a comprehensive evangelism training and plan so that every member can be a part of outreach for the church.
  • Offering seminars to affirm the credibility of the Bible and expose the perversions of anti-Christian intellectuals so members have greater faith.
  • Offering training to promote oneness of biblical marriage and expose the
    perversions of the sexes by the secular world that is destroying the family.
  • Offering training sessions to help every individual discover his unique calling to contribute his gifts in a way to make the church function as a body.
  • Offering counsel and planning of conferences that will enable the church to understand the modern mission to the world with greater faith and active participation.
  • Helping churches to promote a greater local unity in the community for cooperation and evangelism and social impact so Christ is honored without our confessional beliefs being diminished.
  • Having training sessions with church members to teach how to better personally study the Bible inductively, topically and by books.
  • Furnishing information to help the churches recruit and involve brave good mento restore credibility to biblical Christianity in America.

Growth of Brave Good Men

The movement of Brave Good Men involves personal development and leadership. One enlists as a trainee or disciple and becomes a qualified brave good manwhen he exhibits a clear knowledge of basic Christian truth and a quality of commitment and faithfulness to stand for Christ. From these there will be some brave good men chosen to be trainers, consultants and agents to expand the movement.

What is Expected by Andragathia, Inc. Ministries?

Andragathia Inc., is a non-profit organization that has a minimum of paid staff and also mature experienced volunteers. Each person and church who wants to receive help and communication to help promote Spiritual growth and spread the movement and its influence is asked to be a partner in responsibility. Each one is asked to give to the organization an agreed amount that is enough to cover the cost for Andragathia’s services according to their participation. No one involved will receive more than a median compensation for full-term service and it is intended there will be no efforts at fund raising, but the organization operates only through the gifts that are motivated by faith in Christ in what we’re doing.

If those who are Brave Good Men wish to receive regular direct communications they should also contribute to make that possible. All gifts will be payable to Andragathia Ministries. If you wish to register as Brave Good Men, please do so by E-Mail to andragathiamf3@gmail.com.