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The Power of New Covenant Love - Carl W. WilsonThe Power of New Covenant Love
© 2013 by Carl W. Wilson
A much needed book explaining God’s design, purpose, and joy of marriage. Our different gender desires and interests, for which we individually compete, defeat finding oneness that our hearts desire and our children need. Loneliness and anger only are removed by experiencing the power of God’s New Covenant love in Christ that frees us from conflict to fully accept each other. This union of our whole sexual persons as complements God created can demonstrate God’s image of his suffering love in our family, in our community and to the world in sin.

Paperback $15.95, ISBN 978-0-9668181-8-5
Insight Books to Understand History and Cultural Change
True Enlightenment, Volume I: From Natural Chance to Personal Creator
© 2011 by Carl W. Wilson; 606 pages
This is a documented history of the hard sciences from 1500 A.D. to the present. This is the only known history from a Christian perspective showing the bias of sinful man to change the philosophy of science from faith in the Creator to chance beginning and evolutionary development. This volume contains 1,000 footnotes and 65+ illustrations and can be used as a college textbook on science.

Paperback $40.00, ISBN 978-0-9668181-1-6
Hard cover $45.00, ISBN 978-0-9668181-3-0
Liberty in an Evil Age: Winning the Spiritual Battle Over Perversion by Intellectuals
© 2009 by Carl W. Wilson; 219 pages
This is a brief study of rejection of Christ by the soft sciences: economics, psychology, sociology, and politics. It is an abbreviated preliminary study of the soon to be published True Enlightenment Volume II, 1500 A.D. to the present. (Also available through Xulon Press)

Paperback – $14.99, ISBN 978-1-60647-384-0
Hard cover – $24.99, ISBN 978-1606-47-345-6
Man Is Not Enough: Why America’s Morals are Dying and Our Opportunity is Now for God’s Renewal
© 1998 by Carl W. Wilson; 496 pages; published by Andragathia Books
This is a Christian philosophy of history based on historical records of growth of civilizations and Paul’s epistle to the Romans 1:18-2:3, revealing the steps of decline and judgment.
(Also available through New Life Resources, Peachtree City, GA)

Hard cover – $24.95, ISBN 0-9668181-0-5
Our Dance Has Turned to Death
©1976 by Carl W. Wilson, 267 pages.Published by Renewal Publishing Company, 1976, and Tyndall House Publishers, 1981.
An analysis of the causes of the decline and the problems in the family and nation. Now distributed by Andragathia, Inc. A book that predated and influenced many U. S. men’s and family ministries and some that called for renewal of covenant marriage by keeping our promises.

Paperback – $9.95, ISBN 0-936432-00-4
Books to Help the Church in Ministry
Unique Harmony of the Gospels
By Carl W. Wilson; 194 pages.
This is a unique outline on the life and ministry of Jesus Christ for ministry in postmodern times.

Paperback – $19.95, ISBN 978-0-9668181-4-7
The Fulfillment: A Look at the Person and Ministry of Jesus
© 2012 by Carl W. Wilson; 248 pages. This is a commentary on the life of Christ from eternal and human origins to glorification. Any harmony may be used, but written especially to use with my book, A Unique Harmony of the Gospels. This commentary on the harmony is superior to a commentary on only one Gospel, because it gives all the events and teaching in the order they occur. This is arranged for individuals or groups to study in nine months of a church year.

Paperback $21.95, ISBN 978-0-9668181-5-4
With Christ in the School of Disciple Building: the Ministry Methods of Jesus
By Carl W. Wilson; 248 pages.
A widely used classical book completely revised. Important principles for promoting Christian growth, individually, in small groups and house churches, and for understanding how to plant and grow a church.

Paperback – $21.95, ISBN 978-0-9668181-7-8
Biblical Essentials for Training Discipleship Leaders
© 2002 by Carl W. Wilson; published by Andragathia Books; 145 pages
A textbook to be used With Christ in the School… book for training men to serve as pastors, leaders of home churches, and small groups to help people to grow and be accountable.

Paperback – $9:95
Study Books for Small Groups or Personal Use
From Uncertainty to Fulfillment
© 1993 by Carl W. Wilson; 393 pages
A comprehensive guide to discerning God’s guidance and knowing His will in order to glorify God and be equipped to reign with Christ. Published by Worldwide Discipleship Association and now distributed by Andragathia, Inc.

Paperback – $12.95
Pursuing Christ Daily: Meditations and Discussions in John
Disciple’s Notebook
By Carl W. Wilson; 54 pages
Provides a tool for helping disciples establish a quiet time. John’s Gospel has been divided into six readings per week for nine weeks.

Spiral bound – $10.00
Pursuing Christ Daily
Leader’s Discussion Guide
By Carl W. Wilson; 115 pages
Includes instructions for teaching disciples how to establish a daily quiet time, a commentary on the readings in the Gospel of John the disciples are covering each week, and guidelines for leading group discussions to hold disciples accountable.

Spiral bound – $16.00
How to Study the Bible: Inductively, Topically, and By Books
By Carl W. Wilson, 47 pages
For use in Steps Three, Four, and Five to instruct disciples how to study, understand, and apply Scripture. Includes a fold-out guide that can be copied for use.

Paperback – $5.95
Booklets on Issues (sold in packs of 10)
The Biblical Doctrine of the Sovereignty of God
By Carl W. Wilson; 16 pages
This is an evaluation of the problem of understanding the sovereignty of God and human responsibility and how these doctrines should be viewed by faith.

Paperback – $12.50 (10 ea)
God’s Way of Renewal
By Carl W. Wilson; 16 pages
A presentation of Christ’s explanation of the one main problem for darkening of civilization, a review of how the U. S., the West and the World is suffering from this problem, and how believers can again become the light of the world.

Paperback – $12.00 (10 ea)
Postmodernism, Threat or Opportunity?
By Carl W. Wilson; 20 pages
A booklet on NeoMarxism and an explanation of how postmodernists deconstruct Christianity and civilization.

Paperback – $14.95 (10 ea)