Misplaced Trust – Turning to Mammon instead of Our Sovereign God

We live in a critical age where many men have misplaced trust – they have turned to mammon instead of to our Sovereign God who provides for his children.  Our Western World, under Trump in the U. S. and the Germany-led European Union is focused on revising the economy for all, with no mention of return to remembrance and trust in the holy Creator Christ. Jesus warned that we should trust God and live, honor him and build disciples for his eternal kingdom Continue reading

God’s Plan for You, a Disciple, in a Collapsing World: Part 1 – New Information about Abraham’s Call to Bless All Nations

New Information about Abraham’s Call to Bless All Nations

(Acts 27:26, 27, 30, 31)

A new book by Carl Wilson, The Rise and Fall of the Wave of Civilizations: The Historic Pattern and the Crisis of the World Today, from science of General Revelation in creation radically changes important critical understandings of God’s sovereign plan and gives documentation from secular scientists with biblical statements.  Correcting science about the history of the created world has revealed these changes and others for Biblical interpretation. The eighteenth century enlightenment and following had caused Christian scholars to miss very important facts Continue reading

When the Pot Is Boiling Over with Debt!

When the pot is boiling over, people run for a bigger more liberal or a smaller more conservative lid to cover it, made and used by their heroes, as in this recent case of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. The most important issue behind most issues in the 2016 presidential and other elections was economic success. The obvious answer to a boiling pot is to take it off the heat, but that is not the desire of this “Me Generation.” In the collapse of all civilizations, the issue that drives perversion to destruction is for individual prosperity of male and female, race or class. Jesus said the worship of mammon and creation instead of God our Father and Creator causes blindness to all issues (Matthew 6:19-24). The worship of the world’s wealth instead of the treasure of heaven is to reject the pearl of great price or the treasure found in the world’s field for what is only of decaying value. To worship the world’s wealth is to rush through the very wide gate to destruction rather than enter the narrow gate open to God’s eternal city.

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The Unmanaged Money Problem

When the Pot Is Boiling Over!

The Unmanaged Money Problem

When the pot is boiling over, people run for a bigger more liberal or a smaller more conservative lid to cover it, made and used from their heroes. The obvious answer is to take the pot off the heat.

The pot of the nation’s debt is obviously boiling over. There are some lids that seem to fit better than others, but they don’t stop the problem. Records show that the national debt has grown at nearly the same rate for all the presidents since the 1960s, though some seemed to solve the recession problem for a few moments of presidential time. The real problem is human greed, and the claim that more fulfilling of our desires, or the American dream, is for everyone to own our own home, and car, and computer, and on and on and on. Most of the economists had something right and some presidents were wiser than others. But the heat has grown hotter! Continue reading

Gun Control to End Violence

The pot is boiling over and needs taken off the heat. Mass shootings, mostly by young men have raised demands for some kind of gun restrictions, for registrations to restrict felons or people who are psychologically disturbed. These efforts for legal control are costly and almost impossible, even to enforce and do not focus on the heat causing the pot of violence to boil over. Compare the anger of Jared Lee Loughner who killed six and wounded 13 in a Tucson shopping center, including congress woman Gabrielle Gifford; James E. Holmes who killed 12 and injured 70 in a Denver public theater, and Adam Lanza who killed 20 children and six staff adults in Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown. These men would have not been stopped by any laws. They were acceptable in their previous social relationships, and killed innocent people that they did not know or had little contract with. Many other senseless shootings involve mostly young men in urban centers. The anger of these men was motivated by heat that came from another source that should be the target for stopping the killing. Why is looking at that source ignored? Is it because the source is from a politically correct view of the secular establishment that appears good and no one wants to consider wrong? Consider the following.

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True Enlightenment, Vol. 1: From Natural Chance to Personal Creator

(606 pages, 1000 + footnotes of reliable history of science)
Dr. Howard Hendricks, chairman of Center of Christian Leadership, Dallas Theological Seminary:
“Everyone seems to be disturbed––even panicked––at the disarray of family and social life in the western world. Still we follow the wrong cues and retreat to the sidelines in defeat. Confusion and ineptitude always stumble hand-in-hand over the backwoods of ignorance. From ancient days men of success and accomplishment inevitably perceive the ‘big picture.’ Old Testament history records that the sons of Issachar were men ‘who understood the times, with knowledge of what Israel should do…’ Our need today is critical for men of their ilk. Carl Wilson is such a man. With painstaking patience he has dusted off a path through history to trace whence we have come. He has sketched a grid to classify the enigmas of modern life.” Continue reading