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Andragathia Week-End Seminars

How to Hold a Seminar

These seminars are designed by Carl W. Wilson to assist churches and uses books or materials written by him and taught by him or a trained associate staff. These seminars are presented only for people who volunteer to attend and pay the minimal charge to cover the agreed on cost at no extra charge to your church. The time is to be arranged by E-mail or phone call to fit the schedule of the calendar of the church or group of cooperating churches. The charge per applicant will be collected by participating churches and paid to Andragathia, Inc. according to the seminar length and materials used in order to cover the costs, plus ten percent for support of the ministry. The cost per applicant and time for the seminar will be agreed on in advance by Andragathia, Inc., and qualified official leaders of the churches and the funds from applicants will be paid to Andragathia, Inc., an IRS tax exempt organization, by the first session of the seminar. The costs will be set on a sliding scale according to the number of anticipated participants. Brochures for the particular seminar will be printed by Andragathia, Inc., and distributed and promoted by the church.

Seminars Available

Is Your Gospel too Limited for Today’s Culture? The gospel of Jesus Christ is His glorification to power to save from demonic evil (cf. 2 Corinthians 4:4). The Son’s holy incarnate life, death, resurrection, ascension, and glorification to reign over all enemies of His elect is the good news. “The Son of God appeared to destroy the works of the devil” (1 John 3:8). “He gave himself for our sins, to deliver us from this present evil age” (Galatians 1:4). While Christ’s loving substitutionary death is important, today the need is to understand the implications for the demonic working in our culture. This seminar with power point presentations helps the Christian understand how to live in the power of the Holy Spirit to escape the demonic working of our age.

How to Lead an Effective Small House Church Group to help Christians grow in their Christian life. Many churches lack the trained leadership and the relationships for their people to be involved to be members of a body where they can use their gifts to enable the church to grow in love and numbers. This was the dynamic of the primitive churches planted by Christ and the apostles. Surveys show that most small groups of churches are not led in a way that is effective and exciting. The book to be used is With Christ in the school of Disciple Building. Hundreds of thousand of people in the United States and many other countries have been trained by staff or associate staff trained by Carl Wilson.

How to Study the Bible in small groups or individually to know Christ and His sovereign love. Most Christians know a lot about Christ and about the Bible but would like to know more to grow in their personal walk with God. Books to be used are The Fulfillment! and How to Study the Bible: By short passages, topics and Books. There will be other books explained for use, such asPursuing Christ Daily and The Glorified Christ.

How to Communicate Relationally and Share Your Faith – training in evangelism for every Christian. The early churches all were outposts to spread faith in Christ to their city and beyond to the world. (1 Thessalonians 1:8; Colossians 1:6; Romans 1:8). Thank God for all kinds of evangelism, but Christians need to know how to relate to people and their needs and what to say in order for our witness to be effective. Books to use are, With Christ in the School of Disciple Building, Revised, chapters on evangelism et al. and from Manual on Step Three.

From Uncertainty to Fulfillment: A Comprehensive Look at God’s Guidance. The greatest privilege of being a child of God is having the heavenly Father lead us into fulfilling His purpose for our lives. This teaches how the Holy Spirit uses reason, conscience, the Holy Scriptures, and Christian fellowship and counsel in knowing God’s will. Understand the place of these and when to expect providential miracles in obeying His will. The book by the name of this seminar is used.

Growing in a Christ Centered Marriage. This is not just the traditional material shared in marriage seminars. It addresses the vital issue of Christ’s power to grow in your marriage with intimacy and caring love. Extending Christ’s Sovereign Love from His Heavenly Throne to Marriage and Family is a book being revised and soon to be published by Carl W. Wilson. There will be new light on how to unite as partners using gender differences to have intimacy and avoid the demon’s sexual tsunami.

More Technical Advanced Seminars (These require a week long study)

Understanding the Collapse of Culture and the Way it Affects Christianity. The Christian churches have declined in influence and membership since the mid twentieth century. This decline has been linked to a decline in national morals and public beliefs in public education. This has affected the opportunity for Christian freedom to teach, the way the church ministers and the application of the Christian message. The Western world, and especially the United States, has followed the pattern of most civilizations in decline. Understanding how this affects the church’s ministry and Christian living is important for the churches. Books will be Man Is Not Enough and Liberty In An Evil Age.

Establishing a Christian World View in YourLife. This seminar reveals that the intellectual objective to refute false philosophy and science is not the basic need for a Christian world view. To refute Charles Darwin’s evolutionary view and other intellectual perversions are a secondary need to that of understanding the power of demonic deception because of man’s natural sin nature. The seminar will offer a brief beginning exposure of how man’s sin nature inevitably perverts the world view. Major perversions of
philosophy and science will be exposed to be false by historical and scientific data in the context of how man’s sin nature works. Book to use is True Enlightenment: History of Bias and Perversion in Western Intellectual Thought. (This is a revision of Triumph of Truth).

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