God’s Plan for You, a Disciple, in a Collapsing World: Part 1 – New Information about Abraham’s Call to Bless All Nations

New Information about Abraham’s Call to Bless All Nations

(Acts 27:26, 27, 30, 31)

A new book by Carl Wilson, The Rise and Fall of the Wave of Civilizations: The Historic Pattern and the Crisis of the World Today, from science of General Revelation in creation radically changes important critical understandings of God’s sovereign plan and gives documentation from secular scientists with biblical statements.  Correcting science about the history of the created world has revealed these changes and others for Biblical interpretation. The eighteenth century enlightenment and following had caused Christian scholars to miss very important facts that were reported in influential works such as The Westminster Dictionary of the Bible articles and maps, etc.  (Note: Pages/chapters listed refer to The Rise…)

One highly important significant change is in the breakup of the continents that greatly affected the Biblical story. This event was first found and presented by Alfred Wegener in 1915, with others (Taylor, et al.) later suggesting evidence for his truth about how the one continent Pangaea was divided. This was God’s mighty work after the tower of Babel, scattering the tribes and confusing the languages.  The theory required such powerful forces and radical changes in the world that the theory was scoffed at until the mid-twentieth century.  There was then held a world geophysical year that studied this problem, resulting in the discovery of plate tectonics and acknowledging the fact that present continents  had been created within the last ten thousand years- a fact that gradual long-age evolutionists dogmatically denied and sought to explain away by slow working forces. (Chapters 24 &25 give the data.)  Only one of many important facts from this is the Call of Abraham, the Exodus from Egyptian Captivity, and establishment of Nation of Israel.

The book traces in detail the whole process of break ups and continental drift, but in this one point of history, just consider the formation of Palestine in PHASE C (p. 437). Secular studies show that as a result of this PHASE C, three parts of continental plates joined to make the land of Palestine. A short time later Abraham was called to go into the newly created land in these continents of surrounding nations to form a nation through which God would reveal the law of his heavenly kingdom on earth for all nations. The Anatolian plate leading into Eurasia, the Sinai part of the African plate, and the Arabian plate all collided forming this place. This is called the Dead Sea Transformation.  Afterward Egyptian history shows that Thutmose III who contested with Moses had conquered and controlled the Sinai peninsula on the other side of the Red Sea which contained the land of Goshen where the Israelites lived under Pharaoh’s oppression and from which they exited. The joining of the three plates was at the rift, now only the Sea of Aqaba that extended all the way up, dividing through the Dead Sea (Lake Asphaltitus), the Jordan River, the Sea of Galilee on up past what is now Lake Semechonitus. The Exodus was not across the Red Sea, but thus across this major divide, and the miracle was what God planned, apparently in the actions of the plates.  Abraham’s descendants exited into Araba. There is much evidence to support this from Archaeology and the Bible.  (See a drawing and photo of the Dead Sea Transformation documentation by science journals on p. 436). These events have important implications for the nations all across the world and the preaching of the Gospel to the Gentiles/nations as presented in these chapters.

Carl Wilson’s new book, available now on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and some book stores, presents documentary evidence that challenges much former interpretation of biblical history from science of creation history that has been the wrong story of God’s eternal plan.  Wilson gained an unusual understanding in science history by studying under some to the world’s greatest scientists and reading their books in various fields and by reading three major science magazines for over fifty years (cf. brief on the author, p 821).

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