Gun Control to End Violence

The pot is boiling over and needs taken off the heat. Mass shootings, mostly by young men have raised demands for some kind of gun restrictions, for registrations to restrict felons or people who are psychologically disturbed. These efforts for legal control are costly and almost impossible, even to enforce and do not focus on the heat causing the pot of violence to boil over. Compare the anger of Jared Lee Loughner who killed six and wounded 13 in a Tucson shopping center, including congress woman Gabrielle Gifford; James E. Holmes who killed 12 and injured 70 in a Denver public theater, and Adam Lanza who killed 20 children and six staff adults in Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown. These men would have not been stopped by any laws. They were acceptable in their previous social relationships, and killed innocent people that they did not know or had little contract with. Many other senseless shootings involve mostly young men in urban centers. The anger of these men was motivated by heat that came from another source that should be the target for stopping the killing. Why is looking at that source ignored? Is it because the source is from a politically correct view of the secular establishment that appears good and no one wants to consider wrong? Consider the following.

Jared Loughner’s mother was apparently the principle provider working for the city park service, and her husband (his father) did no work outside the home. Jared’s girl friend said he was kind and likable. In such conditions where the mother is principle provider, the result is usually a just belittling of the husband, and in the mother taking dominant control. Jared, like his father, had a history of not producing. He dropped out of high school and could not make it in junior college. His failures also involved dismissal from a restaurant job, and rejection by the Army. He was involved in drugs at times, and was obsessed by the movie Zeitgeist which involved conspiracy theories for power in international structures with brilliant supermen figures. Jared had expressed a prejudice against women in power and Jews, both involving Mrs. Gifford, who was a main object of his killing.

James G. Holmes was a highly motivated, smart, and capable young man. His father Robert Holmes is a smart statistical mathematician and scientist with degrees from Stanford, UCLA, and Berkeley. He serves as a senior scientist for Fair Isaac,(FICO) who produceds sofware to analyse wealth, give credit ratings, and uncover fraudulent operations from false credit standards. His academic prusuits and work motivated him to the high recognition, but required long hours and preoccupation, and little time with his family. His mother, Arlene is a nurse at TriCityMedicalCenter, Oceanville, CA. She apparently was the concerned figure for training her son James.

James sought intellectual success like his father. He earned a BS degree from U. C. Riverside in neurological science, was in the top 1 % of his class being a member of Phi Beta Kappa and the Golden Key. James had worked in the summer with directing boys 7-12 years old at camp Max Straus of the Jewish Big Brothers and Sisters of Los Angeles. One aspect was to teach them archery. He worked for a time at the famous Salk Institute for Biology. James Holmes later said in a resume that while at Salk, he designed a computer program to illustrate temporary perceptions of causality, and programmed a flicker fusion. A program like this, Flicker Fusion Utility was used in movies and game systems. Flicker fusion is used in mind control. James heroes were scientists and phantom violent supermen such as DavieAragon’s batman. He had no arrest records, or known drug involvement but was reported to have hired prostitutes for his sexual fulfillment rather than with girlfriends. He enrolled at the University of Colorado in Denver for a PhD degree to gain further high intellectual credibility.

What caused the heat of anger of James Holmes so that he killed innocent ordinary people in the showing of the movie Dark Knight Rises in Denver? The movie had a dark story about what could happen when there was predictable statistical data which could be used to undermine the Wall Street upper 1 percent, and send them into the streets into the people that exercise anarchistic power. In the move the masked batman type, Bane is the superman figure. At that time of James shooting violence, two things were significant. The father, Robert was scheduled to appear before congress to statistically help investigate rates set by Ashish Jain, CEO of LABOR that enabled banks to make interest off the rich. This has revealed rigged trading at the 2008 crash that involved over $350 trillion dollars. Also, near this time James had failed his oral exam for his PhD at the University of Colorado, and his esteem as an intellectual was crashed and disappointing to his parents. When James went into the movie to kill the people he was taking the role in the movie contrary to that of his father’s, who was helping the wealthy by his work in uncovering the fraud. When the police arrested James, it was his mother, who primarily had led his child training, that is reported to first speak for him.

Adam Lanza was one of two sons in a divorced family. His father, Peter Lanza is a VP and Tax Director at GE Financial services. He had divorced his wife, remarried and took the older son to live with him. The mother kept the younger son, Adam and had the family home with adequate financial resources. In the absence of his father and older brother, Adam’s mother sought to help him experience a man’s role, and part of it was to teach him to shoot. She had difficulty leading her son, but had a love for children, and chose to spend hours at the school with the younger children in the Sandy Hook school in Newtown rather than at home. It was these children she helped at this school that her son Adam planned and carried out the mass shooting to kill them.

The main problem causing the heat of overflowing violence is obviously the secular perverted view of sexual roles, and the idea of competition for superiority. The U. S. Christian colonial view is that “all men are created equal.” God created both male and female in his image of equal worth but with different abilities to be united in complementary roles. The secular view of equality is that nature produces rights for men and women to individually compete for equal material success. This was the French view, “The declaration of the rights of man and the citizen.” One is equality of worth given by God, and men and women should love and accept each other before God. The other is equality deserved by nature and must be earned by individual competition and enforced by the state. One is secular political individualistic view of competition from nature, the other is having sacrificial roles as partners together in having children and showing them God’s love. Feminists researching the predominantly Christian women in colonial America were surprised to find them happy and united in their marriages where they were respected and loved as partners.

James Holmes and Adam Lanza had fathers that were smart and highly successful in their work and the dominant person in the family, with the wife left with family and home responsibilities. Arlene Holmes had her outside profession too. Both young men felt deprived of male leadership, and the superman image was their desire. For Jared, the mother was successful and dominant over the husband. The male image was one of living off the wife and enjoying the conjugal relationships. Today leading feminists are proclaiming “the end of men” with them as the provider. Men don’t have to do anything and have free sex. A result is that millions of women are often left to earn and with responsibilities for children. The anger of the three white sons in all these situations grew out of the competition and conflict that denied them male leadership.

Studies of 86 civilizations reveal that after 250 years of prosperity most with a monogamous kind patriarchy, a dominant male intellectual elite rejected God, and caused a feminist revolt to contend for individual sexual material independence. After female dominance, the civilization died within three generations (cf. J. D. Unwin, P. Sorokin, et al.). They ended with a youth revolt. The modern elite have misled women to feel money is important, and they need to succeed as men, leaving the children lonely without parental models. In the U. S. more are living out of wedlock than are marriage, and half of all children are born out of wedlock.

In the large cities of the nation, Chicago probably has more young men who have no father and seek manly power in gangs and with guns. Over 75 % of black children are born out of wedlock, and many are raised by their mothers. Many leaders in the black community know this is the primary problem among youth, not white oppression. Chicago had about 500, mostly senselessly killed on their streets in 2012.

The problem of violence grows from the elite who know like God, and make success in material wealth the object of worship, perverting both parental roles into competition and conflict, and leaving children with growing dysfunction and anger. Return to the equality and differences of the Creator to show his love in union is the only answer.

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