Misplaced Trust – Turning to Mammon instead of Our Sovereign God

We live in a critical age where many men have misplaced trust – they have turned to mammon instead of to our Sovereign God who provides for his children.  Our Western World, under Trump in the U. S. and the Germany-led European Union is focused on revising the economy for all, with no mention of return to remembrance and trust in the holy Creator Christ. Jesus warned that we should trust God and live, honor him and build disciples for his eternal kingdom (Matthew 6:9,10,19,21-24; 28:18-20). The alternative is to live with our eye and heart on mammon – trusting man’s financial success to care for ourselves.  All other gods- Baal, Ashteroth, et al.- are worship of created things instead of worshiping the Creator and Heavenly Father. Jesus warned that if our eye is single on mammon, we will end up with our life being full of darkness (Matthew 6:22-24).  Moses had warned Israel that if God prospered them in the promised land of Palestine and they forgot God, they would be destroyed as all nations had before them (Deut. 8:17-20).

Though for a long time, our society did not acknowledge that civilizations head for collapse after abandoning faith in God, archaeology shows evidence of this.  In the last half of the 20th century, the science of archaeology recovered and recorded the history of the earliest civilizations that had been previously ignored to rewrite a fictitious history based on evolution. Modern historians such as J. Tainter of Harvard in his The Collapse of Complex Societies (p 3, revised e-book, 2015) reviewing 18 archaeological recent studies of ancient societies with waves that grew to complexity, says “this almost universal trend has been disrupted by collapse”  saying there is no “reliable, universal explanation of collapse, no theory that would help us understand.”  He ignores the Biblical reason.  Seeing this repeated regular pattern of collapse, he warned concerning our civilization: “Only recently have such fears become widespread.” I trace all this in my book The Rise and Fall of the Waves of Civilizations now available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Today our Western leaders at times refer casually to praying for people when a natural crisis occurs, but there is no serious concern about the sin of the world against the holy Creator and repentance for forgiveness and trust in him and his eternal power and kingdom. Donald Trump has lived all his life “to win” in gaining wealth, and his administration is focused entirely on recovery of prosperity and health for all Americans – revision of health care, taxes, solving the immigrant problem, etc. are all focused on economics. They ignore the fact that all nations have grown to power, health, and wealth in trusting one sovereign Creator God.

In Chapter 35 of The Rise and Fall of Waves, I document from scholarly research and government facts that we have reached the last Generation Me in which sovereign individuals by exalting self-esteem put self above, not only God, but also above other men who do not help them get what they want. The Western wave has reached the point where our holy “God gives them up” to accusations and protests that he must judge (Romans 1:28-2:3).

Please continue to pray for the ministry of Andragathia as we seek to support the churches in our changing times.  We are hoping to relocate the ministry office to Tennessee and to prepare for and hold weekend conferences to inform Christians of what is happening and how to build strong brave men who are enduring disciples to make the gospel in Christ known. Let me know if your church would be interested in hosting such a conference. Pray that I will be given the health and strength at my age to continue to build disciples in these critical times.

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