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Defining a New Focus by Brave, Good Men

The following is an evaluation for correction to a biblical witness in the roles of men and women. we ask for your prayers in this major effort of Brave Good Men for Christ. Leadership in America has become primarily secular and against Christianity. The attack against God, fatherhood and any authority was promoted by John Dewey and the Frankfurt School through our education system led by the Columbia University Teacher’s College and the NEA union. This movement has made a powerful impact on marriage and the family and is the major cause of difficulties in America. Loss of faith in God results in trust in mammon and greed, causing economic problems and is the root of family problems, but contrary to what most people understand. Before American feminism, women were generally accepted as equal and able because God created them equal to be partners in oneness of marriage. Then women enjoyed reflecting their unique aspect of God’s image and uniting with their husbands as leaders of the family. They did not feel they had to compete with men to be successful. Marriage was welcomed. Making love to their husbands was much more pleasurable than the casual sex of today. Wives and husbands worked and earned together to provide (Proverbs 31:10 ff.). Birth control was for reasonable health concerns, and caring for children was a pleasure of women and men and created a sense of worth before God without a frantic effort to promote a child’s self-esteem. A woman under a husband’s sacrificial love had security and the wife saw it as a relief to say to the children, “Let’s go discuss this with your father, who is the head of our home.” If women’s value is success for money, they usually reject unity to husband and having and caring for children.

Today the requirement for women to be independent, sexually free, to selfishly achieve to be important has resulted in the worst possible conditions for women, but also for men. Millions of American women carry the burden of earning a living and caring for children alone because of sex out of marriage or divorce. Many have the guilt of abortions and or loss of time with their children which the child spends in often less than adequate child care. Christian manliness is being lost from the American culture. Some Christian women are marrying men who are not seriously Christian and these women who want their children to be Christian, find conflicting values and not only a lack of love, but often rebuke and even violence. I meet many women whose husbands won’t work to earn a living, depending on the wife to do everything. Husbands are often unfaithful. Venereal diseases (STDs) are widespread; infertility is growing. While women can do many things that men can, men cannot have babies, nurse and nurture children, are not naturally caring helpers as are women and many are not providing for and leading their families. Moreover, some women seek to be like and perform like men.

Studies by J. D. Unwin of Edinburgh and Pitirim Sorokin of Harvard have found that 87 civilizations died within three generations after women’s movements achieved dominance. America is approaching that point. Women, men, and children are hurting because of present conditions in the United States and our society is becoming judgmental and confused. Fifty percent of the Ivy League Schools, all which were once Christian, are now postmodern/neo-Marxist with women as presidents, as are more than 25 % of all other colleges. Three of the nine Supreme Court justices are now to be women. The insistence is that fifty percent of CEOs, Congressmen and other positions should be women. Many of those who achieve these positions give them up for home and family. Women are exalted as police chiefs and generals in the army, and CEOs. While women are highly intelligent and may do these things well, who today exalts the many women who are loving housewives, using their jobs to help their husbands provide, and putting family first? Many women do these things daily and are often thought to be second rate women. Our children, especially boys, are in trouble and our society is increasingly selfish. Many men are frustrated and involved in pornography, immorality, crime, and child neglect, which are evidences of the deeper problem of competing sexual relationships. Isn’t building people more important than money or position?

Solving this problem is sensitive. That is because it is the most important issue! The answer is not economic, political or anti-feminism but above all else a call for a return of men to faith in God. Men must truly trust God and submit to Christ to sacrificially love their wives as Christ loves the church, and women need to submit to their own husbands as to Christ. For many Christians this is mostly verbal ascent without obedience. Major revivals of faith in Israel, the church, and even in other nations have occurred by men returning to God and to kind patriarchy. I document this in my book, Man Is Not Enough (New Life Resources, Peachtree City, GA). There are a number of helpful Christian men’s ministries, but the great need is to promote a unity of Christians in a movement in most organizations and churches to continually restore and multiply believing male leadership with assistance of women in most churches – that is not now a main focus. Christ is our only Savior, and committed male leadership is his way of renewal. Please try to understand Brave Good Men’s efforts and pray for God’s leading and provision. Only God in grace can do this. Following is a declaration of Brave Good Men for Christ for you to consider. Thanks for your continued help.

Declaration of Brave Good Men for Christ

Whereas God created mankind male and female to wonderfully reflect two different aspects of his image to show his love in marriage and to extend the race to govern His world;

Whereas there is a demonic effort to remove the God given natures of man and woman by feminizing society to be male-like so as put then in conflict that perverts the male image and is harmful to men, women and children;

Whereas this is a denial of God given equal rights and responsibility of paternity to the man and the care and support of maternity that is fully declared in biblical Christianity and now explicitly known to be true from accurate genetic and social research;

Whereas this denial of fatherhood to children removes social loving discipline and control to promote order and industry in society especially of men, inordinately allowing criminal acts, costly and dangerous police needs, and a costly and exploding prison system;

Whereas this denies God’s natural and biblical intentions for oneness, partnership, and intimacy in marriage of a man and woman and places man and woman in conflict that promotes sexual frustration, pornography, and encourages out of wedlock casual sexual relations and divorce;

Whereas this irrational and unbiblical anti-God and anti-male effort is destroying the freedom of women to have maximum protection, pleasure, and intimacy in sexual relations and assistance in financial support and help in childrearing;

Whereas the denial of man’s responsibility and authority is generating an irrational responsibility on government for welfare support, childcare, and ineffective education that threatens to bankrupt the nation;

Whereas this anti-man effort is causing the destruction of millions of unborn and soon born children which is illogical to nature, cruel to the unborn that we now scientifically know are humans and feel pain, which is dangerously lowering the birth rate of many nations, and disastrously removing future responsibility of those children if alive to adulthood to give social security to the elderly, who predominantly are women;

Whereas most repentance and renewal of the witness of God’s love has come through male leadership in Israel and the New Testament church has been through God’s grace moving men;

We therefore call for a movement within the church to produce and maintain brave, good, men for Christ:

  • Brave – because they trust in God alone who has revealed his sovereign power and love in the death, resurrection and ascension of Christ to rule over all authority in heaven, on earth and under the earth and to lead his church to victory over the devil, evil men, and anti-Christian governments of the world
  • Good – because they repent from trusting their fleshly wisdom, desires and abilities for success, personal esteem, and material support and give up their lives to the Holy Spirit to lead and empower them into good works of suffering love for God, their wives and children, and all others with the sure knowledge of a resurrection to eternal rewards.
  • Men – because true manliness is revealed in Jesus Christ and the real man desires to be like him in Christ’s strength, sacrificial love, and dying devotion and to enable their wives and children to experience God’s love and power to grow toward eternal perfection from God.

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