Office Secretary and Manager

Linda Koval joined the staff in March 2002. Linda worked for several years in the travel business doing both scheduling and accounting. She does the accounting, typing, communications, editing and general office work. If you have any questions about your contributions or ministry records, she is the one to contact.

Christian Growth Books

Sara Jo Wilson has been the director of Christian Growth Books for many years. Carl began the bookstore in order to motivate Christians to read good Christian literature to help them to grow. This book business is operated on a non-profit basis. There are two aspects of the ministry. One is the sale of books, which are ordered by mail or by phone and are predominately the sale of her husband Carl’s books that are ordered by churches, seminaries, Bible colleges and the likes. The second was at the invitation of Willow Creek Presbyterian Church where Sara Jo ran a bookstore to help supply Christian literature to the members and staff. There are also some volunteer workers who help with some of this activity. You may order Christian books by calling 1-407-971-6831.

Consulting and Training Staff

The staff for consulting and training are men and women in various locations in the country who have been trained by Carl W. Wilson. These have all had years of experience in Christian work. Some are ordained pastors; others have been involved in full-time Christian work inevangelism and discipleship. As new leadership continues to emerge they are trained to participate in the training staff.