Misplaced Trust – Turning to Mammon instead of Our Sovereign God

We live in a critical age where many men have misplaced trust – they have turned to mammon instead of to our Sovereign God who provides for his children.  Our Western World, under Trump in the U. S. and the Germany-led European Union is focused on revising the economy for all, with no mention of return to remembrance and trust in the holy Creator Christ. Jesus warned that we should trust God and live, honor him and build disciples for his eternal kingdom Continue reading

God’s Plan for You, a Disciple, in a Collapsing World: Part 1 – New Information about Abraham’s Call to Bless All Nations

New Information about Abraham’s Call to Bless All Nations

(Acts 27:26, 27, 30, 31)

A new book by Carl Wilson, The Rise and Fall of the Wave of Civilizations: The Historic Pattern and the Crisis of the World Today, from science of General Revelation in creation radically changes important critical understandings of God’s sovereign plan and gives documentation from secular scientists with biblical statements.  Correcting science about the history of the created world has revealed these changes and others for Biblical interpretation. The eighteenth century enlightenment and following had caused Christian scholars to miss very important facts Continue reading

When the Pot Is Boiling Over with Debt!

When the pot is boiling over, people run for a bigger more liberal or a smaller more conservative lid to cover it, made and used by their heroes, as in this recent case of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. The most important issue behind most issues in the 2016 presidential and other elections was economic success. The obvious answer to a boiling pot is to take it off the heat, but that is not the desire of this “Me Generation.” In the collapse of all civilizations, the issue that drives perversion to destruction is for individual prosperity of male and female, race or class. Jesus said the worship of mammon and creation instead of God our Father and Creator causes blindness to all issues (Matthew 6:19-24). The worship of the world’s wealth instead of the treasure of heaven is to reject the pearl of great price or the treasure found in the world’s field for what is only of decaying value. To worship the world’s wealth is to rush through the very wide gate to destruction rather than enter the narrow gate open to God’s eternal city.

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