True Enlightenment, Vol. 1: From Natural Chance to Personal Creator

(606 pages, 1000 + footnotes of reliable history of science)
Dr. Howard Hendricks, chairman of Center of Christian Leadership, Dallas Theological Seminary:
“Everyone seems to be disturbed––even panicked––at the disarray of family and social life in the western world. Still we follow the wrong cues and retreat to the sidelines in defeat. Confusion and ineptitude always stumble hand-in-hand over the backwoods of ignorance. From ancient days men of success and accomplishment inevitably perceive the ‘big picture.’ Old Testament history records that the sons of Issachar were men ‘who understood the times, with knowledge of what Israel should do…’ Our need today is critical for men of their ilk. Carl Wilson is such a man. With painstaking patience he has dusted off a path through history to trace whence we have come. He has sketched a grid to classify the enigmas of modern life.”

ISBN 978-0-9668181-1-6
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Important Unknown Facts Excluded by Bias of Modern Science that are Included in this Book about Creation:

  1. Most of the founders of modern science for nearly 300 years (1500 ff.) believed in Biblical creation by Jesus Christ.
  2. Naturalistic theory of chance beginning and evolution to reject Biblical Creation was begun by biased men, many who heard voices and had visions (by 1755 A.D.). This theory spread, was altered, widely accepted, and later modified (1859 A.D.) by Charles Darwin.
  3. Before publication Darwin was told by his three more qualified scientific friends that his theory of natural selection for descent up to man had no evidence in fossils or in life. His co-author, Alfred Wallace, later denied evolution to man because extensive study of primitive tribes showed no gradualism in development.
  4. By 1960, many scientists admitted intermediaries for Darwin’s gradual theory of survival were non existent and they turned to theories of jumps in evolution (saltations) or to hidden gradualism, all requiring no evidence. From 1986 ff. molecular biologists showed there were limitations to change and gaps at every level of life, and in 2011 scientists of two major universities (Rutgers and University of Arizona) reviewed and admitted Darwin and everyone else did not know the way for evolution to occur.
  5. Scientists now admit 96 % of the universe is made of dark matter and energy, about which they know nothing.
  6. In the 20th century elite intellectuals took over American schools that were founded by the church and state; and by bias in 1960 influenced the Supreme Court and government to exclude teaching about or prayer to our Creator, this continuing for three generations.
  7. Replacement of trust in the Personal Creator by material values from the blind eye of mammon worship has led to great debt, and competitive roles of man and wife hurting marriages and children.

Reports Footnoted from Scientific Journals of Actual Measurements Supporting Early Historical Biblical Beginnings:

  1. The evidence of the decline of the earth’s forces (e.g. alpha force, speed of light, et al.) corrects beginnings to near 6,000 years.
  2. The genetic age of man measured by mutations, not guesses from chimpanzees, but from science of human families is 6,000 years.
  3. Computer calculations of factors of actuarial history of humanity from science reveal beginning of man was about 6,000 years.
  4. Studies reveal only two clear glaciations, one 14th century, another minor and short one in 10th coinciding with Biblical catastrophes, and warming from about 6,000 years.
  5. Evidence of gigantic flood waters found 7,400 years ago, and over 150 stories from various places, support a world Biblical flood.
  6. Early highly advanced art, domestication of crops and animals (with no clear evidence of gradual shift from hunter-gathering), brilliant early architecture, advanced metallurgy, governments, one language, and most primates existing first in Eurasia, not Africa.
  7. The division of one land mass by cataclysmic forces into the continents occurred with highly developed mammals present.
  8. Earliest historic faith in one sovereign high God is found in all the earliest human cultures, not from evolutionary development.
  9. Science of lower literary criticism of documents proved New Testament writings about the supernatural Jesus were in the time of Jesus’ followers and witnesses.

Unveiling the demonic deception of the U. S., the West, and World

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