When the Pot Is Boiling Over with Debt!

When the pot is boiling over, people run for a bigger more liberal or a smaller more conservative lid to cover it, made and used by their heroes, as in this recent case of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. The most important issue behind most issues in the 2016 presidential and other elections was economic success. The obvious answer to a boiling pot is to take it off the heat, but that is not the desire of this “Me Generation.” In the collapse of all civilizations, the issue that drives perversion to destruction is for individual prosperity of male and female, race or class. Jesus said the worship of mammon and creation instead of God our Father and Creator causes blindness to all issues (Matthew 6:19-24). The worship of the world’s wealth instead of the treasure of heaven is to reject the pearl of great price or the treasure found in the world’s field for what is only of decaying value. To worship the world’s wealth is to rush through the very wide gate to destruction rather than enter the narrow gate open to God’s eternal city.

Hillary and Bill Clinton who previously had little have made millions from their political power and are under investigation for their foundation and political “pay for play” probabilities. Mrs. Clinton’s feminist promise was to break the glass ceiling and make as much money as male CEOs and to furnish, through government programs, more and more of the desires of the lower classes. Donald Trump’s fame and aim in life had been to win in deals to make money, even at the expense of perverted criticism and oppressing his opponents. “Making America Great” for him and for many others meant satisfying their material desires for health and security. The Federal recorded debt is reaching $20 trillion and the guess at total debt is said to be nearer $100 trillion.

Paul indicated that the pattern to destruction and judgment begins by lack of thankfulness for prosperity from God. This allows intellectuals to claim man can gain self-esteem to be wise as God and reject the need for the Creator (Romans 1:21-25). When the people of a nation reach the point of believing they are wise as God, and they no longer even acknowledge Him, God gives them up to be free to do every kind of evil that leads to his judgment (Romans 1:28-2:2). The generation of “the sovereign individual” or “Me Generation” has arrived in America. There is no lid to the pot boiling over. In 1960 the liberal churches proclaimed the death of God, JFK as president endorsed the Keynesian economics of government debt, and feminists, black liberationists, et al. demanded the same things possessed by the rich, who they hate. In the 1960s the debt began to climb at exponential rates. Few leaders today consider or speak of the Creator God as relevant to our problems, and many professing Christians endorse these promoters of greed and show little desire for the treasure of God’s heavenly kingdom. Indeed the programs of many evangelicals are focusing on helping men instead of worshiping God. Blindness has overtaken us, and we are on the wide road to falling in the pit of hell. Only faith in Christ produces abiding prosperity in the world and eternally.

(documented in Wilson’s book The Rise and Fall of the Waves of Civilization, available January 2017 from Ingram)

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